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Quick Fix Back Treatment
30 min
Treat your back with this relaxing, yet effective skincare service! We'll target any of your skin concerns, as well as perform any extractions needed.

Zit Zap Back Treatment
15 min
A short, yet effective service to target "bacne".



A facelift without the surgery! Microcurrent uses low level electrical current to trigger the body’s natural skin enhancement chemicals at a cellular level, giving your skin the collagen and elastin boost it needs to look years younger. Ditch the botox and fillers- get a relaxing anti-aging treatment instead!

Full Face & Neck     $120

Full Face                 $95

Just Neck                  $50

IPL Treatments:

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a broad-based light, which is different from a laser in that it has multiple wavelengths instead of one single wavelength of light. This means it targets many different concerns including sun damage, premature aging, distended capillaries/redness, and hair growth.

Please call to schedule any IPL treatmeants (706)429-0057; we require a $50 deposit fee for most IPL appointments.


Intense Pulsed Light treatments for the face, neck, chest, and back (known as Photofacials) treat a variety of concerns including sun damage, age (liver) spots, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, spider veins, port wine stains, and much more. Our trained laser specialist will work with your specific needs to plan a treatment schedule for you (may take 1-8 treatments); book a complementary Skin Analysis/Product Evaluation appointment with Nicholette to pre-determine goals and results. 

Spot Treatment     $75

Full Face                $185

Full Face + Neck    $235

Chest                     $235

Back                      $305

Package pricing also available; please call to find out full pricing (706)429-0057.

Hair Removal
Intense Pulsed Light hair removal treatments can be performed anywhere on the face or body. Treatments are most effective on clients with dark hair and lighter skin tones, due to the ​the wavelengths that target pigment. Book a complementary Skin Analysis/Product Evaluation with Nicolette to pre-determine goals and results.

Upper Lip         $75

Chin               $110

Underarms     $190

Bikini Line      $160

Lower Arms   $225

Full Arms       $345

Lower Legs    $450

Full Legs        $685

Chest             $300

Stomach        $300

Back              $450

Package pricing also available; please call to find out full pricing (706)429-0057.


Clarity Skin Solutions firmly believes that everyone can achieve beautiful skin- sometimes it just takes a little help! The goal of Clarity is to educate you with the most up-to-date and innovative information, as well as provide you with premium professional products to guarantee success. Our center understands that everyoneʼs skin is different, and is dedicated to clients who are truly looking to change their skin. We are committed to supplying each and every customer with the most scientifically advanced formulas to ensure unparalleled results from homecare products to resurfacing treatments. There is no skin issue Clarity canʼt handle!

Complimentary Product Evaluation
30 min
Get expert advice for your skincare regimen! Experience the look and feel of professional skincare products along with a thorough skin analysis. Bring in any products youʼre using at home for a one-on-one assessment of your skin needs.

No charge

The Quick Fix
30 min
Need a few extractions, crave some extra hydration, or just want a fast touch up between your regular facials? Target your problem areas in an effective, skin-refreshing mini facial.

Zit Zap
15 min
Oh no! Have a sudden breakout? Come in for a quick 15 minute treatment of professional cleansing, high frequency, serum, and moisturizer to clear up in no time.


Clarity Signature Skin Treatment
60 min
Our secret weapon against skin issues! Ideal for a monthly maintenance facial: delay and correct signs of aging, reverse discoloration, and balance skin imperfections. This service includes deep Hungarian facial massage to promote an increase of collagen and muscle memory, or pressure point massage to relieve tension, along with complete treatment customization to address any need your skin may have.

Cloud Nine Ultimate Skin Retreat

90 min
The ultimate skin rejuvenation and body relaxation offered! A longer version of the Clarity Signature Skin Treatment: our professional products are customized to treat whatever your concern. Hand and foot massage with reflexology, pressure points, and scalp massage are always included in your mini trip to skin paradise.

Sweet Cheeks Teen Treatment
45 min
The perfect introduction for any skincare newbie: target and find a solution to challenges with teen skin. Includes a full treatment with a thorough cleanse, extractions, and moisturizer, along with a skincare lesson for home regimens and product recommendation. No age restrictions- great for men, too!

The Green Goddess Skin Treatment
60 min
The best of both worlds: organic ingredients with superior results. Professional products made especially for sensitive, unbalanced, or irritated skin; also makes a safe and effective pregnancy treatment. Embrace your organic side, while your stunning results makes everyone else green with envy!

60 min
Great for anyone who needs a deep exfoliation and/or removal of "peach fuzz" on the face! We use a sterile blade to remove dead surface skin, fine hairs, and debris after a thorough cleansing of the skin. Dermaplaning is great on its own to improve skin texture and increase product penetration; it's also a great add-on service to any facial!

60 min
Our diamond-tipped exfoliation modality deeply exfoliates your skin to treat dryness, dehydration, sun damage, aging, and acne scars. Pair it with any facial for even better results!

Custom Peels
45-60 min
Clarity utilizes a custom peel program for clients experiencing more stubborn skin issues such as acne, large areas of sun damage, mature aging, and intense dryness. All Clarity peel services include treatment of the neck, and chest, as well as a complete post treatment kit for 1-2 weeks of homecare use. Consultation with your skin specialist is mandatory prior to scheduling any peel in order to determine your goals and skin needs.
Light Depth Peel $90

Medium Depth Peel $115
Deep Depth Peel $140

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