The Spray Tan 411

Are you new to spray tanning, or maybe even terrified of spray tans? We’ve all seen that episode of Friends where Ross turns completely orange, right??

Well, we have news for you: it’s 2019 and bad spray tans are a thing of the past!

Sunless tanning solutions are so customizeable and well-blended now that they truly compliment everyone’s natural skin color without any orangey undertone. Can we get a hallelujah?!!

Allow us to give you a rundown of all the spray tan info you need to know:

  1. Spray tans, sunless tans, airbrush tans, handheld tanning…call it whatever you want, it’s all the same result (when performed by an experienced professional).

  2. At Clarity, we opt for the top-of-the-line in sunless tanning solutions: Norvell Sunless. After LOTS of trial and error with other lines, we chose Norvell for their product consistency and beautiful variety of tanning shades.

  3. All of our spray tan artists have been through a rigorous training with our master tanning artist. They’ve sprayed women, men, all body types, all skin colors, and all solutions. All of our artists will take phenomenal care of you and your sunless tanning needs!

  4. Before coming into your appointment exfoliate and shave (preferably 24 hours prior), come without lotion, deodorant, or makeup (when possible), and bring dark, loose clothing and flip-flops to change into after your spray.

  5. You can wear as much clothing as you would like, as little as you would like, or nothing at all when you get sprayed. We’re completely comfortable with anything! *Just keep in mind anything you leave on will leave tan lines.

  6. At Clarity, we stock 4 different tanning solution options: Rapid ONE, Venetian ONE, Cosmo Light, and Cosmo. We obsess over each solution in their unique ways (and the fact that they NEVER turn orange!)- you can’t go wrong with any of them! Your spray tan artist will help you choose which solution is best for you and your lifestyle.

  7. Depending on the tanning solution you and your artist decide on, you will be able to shower anywhere from 1-24 hours. Be sure not to get any part of your body wet before then, as it will stop your tan from developing.

  8. To keep your tan looking it’s best, and to get the longest life out of it, use our Novell body wash and lotions! Your tanning artist will help you choose the best option(s) for you.

  9. Stay away from loofahs, rough cloths, and any other type of exfoliants to keep your skin bronzed for the longest time possible.


We can’t wait to have you in for your custom tanning session! To book an appointment with us Monday-Saturday, click here or give us a call at (706)429-0057.


Your Clarity tanning team

The Truth About Tans

The truth is, we all want that natural, healthy-looking glow that we get from the summer sun, but it’s 2019 and we know the damage it causes to our skin and body. Almost 100,000 people are predicted to be diagnosed with melanoma this year alone. Did you know melanoma and all other types of skin cancer are the most preventable type of cancer, yet it kills nearly 10,000 people per year?

Here are our tips to keep yourself safe in the summer sun:

!. SPF, SPF, SPF! We can’t preach this enough. There is no such thing as a “base tan”, burning that “turns into” tanned skin is still highly damaged skin, and you always need sunscreen when spending time outdoors- even when it’s overcast.

2. Tanning beds are never a safe option. No matter how they advertise, no matter what rays they claim to filter, no matter how little you go, just say NO to the tanning bed! Any level of direct UV rays in such a short amount of time not only age you at an increasingly fast rate, but also put you at a 60% higher risk for skin cancer.

3. Reapply your SPF- one coat isn’t enough. Sunscreen is not made to last. Whether you’re in the sun for a couple of hours or all day long, reapply SPF to your entire body and face at least every two hours.

4. The only healthy tan is a fake tan. Yep, we said it. No matter how you tan outdoors, the UV rays are damaging your skin whether you realize it or not. Beyond the recommended 20 minutes of sun per day to absorb our body’s needed vitamin D, any extra exposure is only increasing your risk for skin cancer and aging you by the second. The only healthy way to tan is with spray tans or self tanners, both which us Clarity gals will gladly help you with!

Now that you have this information you are fully responsible to take care of your skin this summer. What to do next?

Book yourself a Custom Sunless Tan with us! Or, take home any of our amazing self tanners! We promise to give you a glow all summer long without the unnecessary sun damage.


Your Clarity skin squad

Dad needs skincare, too!

This June we’ll be featuring our Sanitas men care line to treat dad and his skin needs!

Sanitas offers top of the line products featuring the most active ingredients with the no added fillers, fragrances, or chemicals. If you haven’t experienced the amazing results these products can achieve, come in for a custom facial or product recommendation and you’ll fall in love!


Our men’s line features:

Energizing Body & Face Wash to make cleansing super simple and effective for every dad, son, or brother.

Essential Shave Cream to create the perfect non-irritating shaving experience.

Restorative After Shave Serum to balance and hydrate the skin after cleansing and/or shaving.

All men’s products are 20% OFF for the month of June! Just in time for you to treat that special guy in your life for Father’s Day, or any day.

Purchase online or pick yours up in store Monday-Saturday. We can’t wait to have you in!

Here to serve you BEST.

Welcome to the Clarity gang! Our group of estheticians and professionals are devoted to serving you best while offering the most up-to-date, effective services and products.


If you are new, or haven’t been in for a while, allow us to explain exactly what we’re all about:

Beauty, simplified.

Our mantra, our goal, our process. We’re here to make you feel more beautiful and confident from the moment you step through our door, and make that exact feeling obtainable to you every single day at home. We believe this process starts with creating a simple daily routine for you through precise product use and services to make your routine more effortless and effective.

At Clarity, we staff an amazing team of highly-trained estheticians and customer service staff, all here to provide you with the most incredible experience possible! Whether you come in for a skin treatment and homecare recommendation, or a full set of lash extensions, we will always take the time to consult with you, addressing your concerns and needs, and then making your wishes come true (like your very own esthetician fairy godmothers ;)).

We invite each of you to book your next skincare or beauty appointment with us and come experience the Clarity difference! We’re here for you every Monday-Saturday.


Have you visited our new location yet?!

We’re super proud of our new space not only because it’s larger with more room to accommodate all of you, but also because the setup and workflow has been amazing.

If you haven’t visited yet, our beautiful, new location consists of:

  • A Brow Bar perfect for any brow shaping and brow tinting

  • Our Lash Lounge to make all your lash extension, lift, and tint dreams come true

  • Two Private Treatment Rooms featuring the top of the line skincare modalities to treat any skincare concern

  • A private Sunless Tanning Room to give you that bronze glow we’re all envious of

  • And the most comfortable, relaxing Reception Area you’ll ever take a seat in (usually accessorized with sweet treats for you to enjoy!)

What’s not to love?!

Come visit us at our new location:

Clarity Skin & Beauty

4470 Hwy 400 N

Dawsonville, GA 30534