Microneedling and “Vampire facials” have been all the rage in skincare for the past couple of years. Once Kim K. and Elle magazine promotes a service like this we all have to have it, right?!

Let’s dive deeper into what Microneedling actually does for your skin:

A tool called a skin pen, or Microneedling pen, contains multiple acupuncture-sized needles that are injected into the skin in a smooth, sweeping movement. Discomfort is minimal once a numbing cream is applied to the treatment area; the service actually feels very similar to microdermabrasion. These small needles create all sorts of great benefits for the skin: increased collagen and elastin production, improved product penetration, scar reduction, and overall improved skin functioning. The outcome is amazing!

Our skin specialist recommends coming in for a series of 3 treatments, each treatment spaced 28 days apart, to receive the full benefits of Microneedling. This service, added with professional homecare products, will undoubtedly jumpstart your skin transformation!